Voemo Released New International Calling Card

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Welcome to the age of science and information technology. You can virtually do anything from the comfort of your room. Technology has slowly made its way into our daily lives and now we cannot imagine living without technology. Internet has made a huge impact in every field you can think of.


With the evolution of technology, old gadgets and technology is replaced by new ones. Same is the case with phone cards and calling cards. The days when you have buy calling cards to make international calls are long gone. Users don’t have any other choice back then because the international calling rates are very high.

Things have come a long way from there, slowly telephone started to offer international calls at cheap rates then mobile phones made it easier to make international calls on the move. Mobile charges also dropped which has eliminated the calling cards from the scene. Few years later smart-phones enter the scene and made an impact instantly.

As the prices of smart-phone came down, many people adopted it. Chatting and voice and video calling application became popular and slowly became the preferred mode of communication. Now, everyone has a smart-phone and you can make free video and voice calls through number of application to your loved ones sitting thousands of miles away from you.

Calling Cards Are Back

Calling cards are near extinction but what saved them is the popularity of video calling apps. How? Let me explain it you. As more and more user started to use voice and video calling apps such as Skype for communicating with their loved ones.
Blueberry Phone Card By Voemo ™

It increased the load on their service and they fail to maintain the same quality they use to provide back in the early days. Frequent line drops are common place in these applications but that is the price you have to pay for using free services. Other video and voice calling apps also faced similar issues.


If you want cheap calling rates and best voice quality, go for Voemo international calling cards. It is the best international calling card for making international calls. You are going to get the best value for your money from the best calling card. Voemo has a wide range of best phone cards and best calling cards for its customers.

You don’t need any internet connection to experience the best voice quality. Talk for hours to your loved ones with Voemo best long distance calling cards. Are you missing your loved ones and want to talk? Don’t let high prices come between you and your loved ones again. We strive to remove barriers and connect you directly to your loved ones.

Difference between Mobile apps and Calling Cards

People may say that the era of calling cards is long gone but they also have to admit that no video and voice calling application can provide the voice quality and voice clarity that is provided by calling cards. Line drops, voice cuts and distortion are common in video and voice calling application.

Another major factor that set voice calling application and calling cards is that not everyone is online every time. Do you want to wait until your loved one comes online on the voice calling app? No, so buy Voemo calling cards and call your loved one anytime at the cheapest rates.

Calling cards or phone cards provides more minutes at a low price and maintains the best voice quality. Don’t like to see ads on your voice calling application then get your hands on best international phone card and best international calling cards. You can make calls to all the major countries around the world from Voemo calling cards.


Don’t waste your time on rubbish voice and video calling applications. Spend few bucks and buy the best quality and more minutes. Buy Voemo calling cards and enjoy cheap rate calls to different countries around the world from anywhere anytime. You can’t get this voice quality and voice clarity anywhere else.

These services will make your life easy and will get you the feeling to be satisfied.


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