How to Save Money on Domestic and Long Distance Calls

Whether it is the holidays or you just want to call home and say “Hi Mom” we have to worry about long distance costs especially if we are working, studying and living abroad. If you want to call home more often then you should consider using calling cards instead of paying the inflated rates being charged by the telephone companies. There is a large number of phone cards to choose from and we are going to help you identify the one that offers the best value. Will you be calling domestically or internationally? The reason we need to ask this question is if you purchased a domestic calling card you could only call people inside the same country as you. You need to find out what destinations the calling card is good for and which countries you can call from. If the company offering calling cards is to be taken seriously then they would have global coverage. While some parts of the world i.e. North Korea will be hard to reach you shouldn’t have issues contacting the civilized world.

Identifying the Best International Calling Card

Identifying the Best International Phone Card

While each of telephone companies will claim to have the best long distance calling card quantifying the “best” is not always as simple as it sounds.

In order to identify the best international phone card you have to find out a few things about the company that is offering the service, while each of these companies will claim to have the best long distance calling card quantifying the “best” is not always as simple as it sounds.  While most people are interested in cheap calling call quality should be a primary concern for you. What is the point of saving a few pennies if you are not able to carry on a decent conversation? Go to the testimonial section on the website and read all of the statements made by individuals who have or currently are using these calling cards. After you have read over the feedback posted you shouldn’t have any problems identifying the best long distance phone card.

How to Utilize the Calling Card

The last step of the process when trying to identify the best phone card is to look at how to utilize the service. Most of these calling card companies have a toll free access number, when you dial this number you will be prompted to enter a pin number to access the calling services.  In order for a company to truly call itself the  best calling card service provider they need to give their clients access to a pin-less service where you can call long distance directly from your phone, this really makes things more convenient. Something to take into consideration when reviewing these calling is how to add more funds to your account. Going down to the local convenience store isn’t very convenient so try to find out whether the organization will let you top-up your account online. If you have followed these suggestions then you shouldn’t encounter any challenges finding and using the best calling cards just remember to keep your account topped up, the last thing you want to do is have an important conversation and you run out of minutes!

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