A Thanksgiving Message from Voemo’s CEO

Every year has its great moments, but I’m feeling especially thankful as we close out 2015. Voemo has been blessed this year with a new office, new business partners, and a wave of amazing new customers and employees.

Every year around Thanksgiving, I’m reminded how thankful I am to be able to serve Voemo’s amazing customers. this is why I get excited to come to work each and every day.
Voemo prides itself on offering exceptional service to each and every one of our thousands customers in every interaction. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how one of Voemo’s employees went above and beyond to help a customer – or a fellow employee – in a time of need. It truly warms my heart and helps me remember how tremendous the team we’ve built really is.

I am thankful to be surrounded by Voemo’s wonderful employees, who are committed to delivering exceptional service to our customers in every single interaction.
2015 may have been the most important and most transformative years in Voemo’s history. We expand our website functionalities with most advanced technologies, Our first cloud base telecom service gave us 99.99 percent service uptime and more quality improvements.

we were able to reduce our calling rates on almost all countries in the world and increased our network reliability and quality at the same time ,We made strong relation with more local telecommunication companies around the world and added more point to point dedicated network link around the world to serve our customers better than ever .

I said this last year, I’ll say it again today, and I’ll continue to say it: None of what Voemo accomplished in 2015 would be possible without you, our customers. None of it would have happened without your trust in us or without your continuous honest feedback.
I also want to thank my Voemo team, which saw a sizeable growth in 2015. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built together, of the new services we’ve launched, and the good times we’ve shared. Voemo isn’t Voemo without the people, and I don’t think I’m biased when I say this is the best team of employees at any company in the world. I love each and every one of them!
Our terrific team is backed by loving families who are always there for them. I want to thank them, too, for their support, sacrifice, and understanding! You help make Voemo what it is.
May you have a wonderful holiday season with the people who mean the most to you. Last but not least, I want to thank my loving family and friends for their patience, and for putting up with me for the long hours at work and for being away from home so much. It is all for a good cause, so thank you for your patience and support.
All of us at Voemo wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to speaking with you and working with you for many years to come!

CEO – Voemo Inc

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